Bankruptcy Solicitors

West London Law Solicitors is a niche firm of bankruptcy solicitors, with an expertise in debt and bankruptcy law (also known as personal insolvency).  West London Law are well known for being leaders in bankruptcy defence work, asset protection and challenging Trustees in Bankruptcy, especially trustees’ costs which are frequently seen as excessive.  West London Law Solicitors advise individuals, business owners and their families on avoiding bankruptcy, its pitfalls, defending bankruptcy by setting aside statutory demands, dismissing bankruptcy petitions, renegotiating and structuring debt, on the pros and cons of Individual Voluntary Arrangements (IVA’s) and successfully obtaining annulments of bankruptcy orders.

West London Law also specialise in defending applications brought by Trustees in Bankruptcy against families for the sale of their home and other properties.  West London law routinely enter into negotiated settlements on behalf of its clients with either the Official Receiver or their Trustee in Bankruptcy, often without the need for the family home to be sold.

West London Law are uniquely positioned in the marketplace as we do not represent Trustees in Bankruptcy, despite our extensive knowledge in this subject field as we are committed to representing those who have fallen onto bad times and in particular, to saving the family home.  This provides clients with comfort in knowing that West London Law are fully committed to fighting  their corner and that there is no likelihood of a conflict of interest situation arising especially as many solicitors practising in this field commonly represent the same Insolvency Practitioners or Trustees in Bankruptcy.

West London Law Solicitors work closely with specialist insolvency Counsel and have an excellent reputation for being tenacious litigators and skilful negotiators, knowing how to best formulate strategy and execute desirable settlements on behalf of their clientele.