Family Law

We understand that going through a divorce is a difficult and stressful time in peoples’ lives.

Our firm provides specialist financial advice on divorce so you know what you can expect to gain or lose from the outset.  We focus on resolving matrimonial disputes quickly and cost effectively and advise you on your options so you are able to make a well informed decision and plan for your future.  We assist with the entire financial process from start to finish.

We provide free legal advice during an initial consultation.  We offer fixed fees.


Divorce and Financial Settlement

The financial aspect of a divorce is also known as “financial ancillary relief”.  We adopt a commercial approach to divorce whereby we advise our clients as to what the financial implications will be and then try to settle the case as quickly as possible as we understand that the stresses and uncertainties associated with litigation can have a damaging effect on peoples’ lives, not to mention that time can be better spent on other areas of life or on other business.  We focus upon solutions and the opportunities of refinancing and restructuring your financial affairs.

We are highly experienced commercial litigators with in depth experience in financial dispute work, including freezing injunction orders, obtaining specific disclosure, tracing monies, including bank accounts both here and offshore, valuing shareholdings in private companies and beneficial interests in property and trusts.  We also advise third parties who may partially own matrimonial assets, such as parents, as they may have beneficial interests by virtue of making financial contributions towards the purchase or upkeep of a property.  In such cases, these third parties may insist on being paid before the matrimonial pot is divided.

We have access to the best family barristers in the country and are committed to providing a high quality personalised service.


Free Legal Advice

Please telephone us to obtain initial free legal advice. We believe that clients should have the ability to assess solicitors at no cost before they decide who they are most comfortable working with.  Fact sheets are available upon request.